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FRÖNB Gaming opened the design books in 2019 and is based out of Stockholm, Sweden. FRÖNB is dedicated to design, develop and produce gaming gear. Our mission at FRÖNB is to create gear for gamers who care about being the best where our gear is aimed towards those who seek that small competitive edge over their peers. Our gear is designed for esport professionals, but we include all gamers in our design and development process where casual gamers opinions matter as much as professional ones. 

Our first designed pride and joy is the Triumph X - a gaming mouse which will improve your reaction time with 20% while gaming. Thanks to several iterations, to feedback from our communities and to extensive testing we've landed with a gaming mouse that fosters and captures user needs in a beautiful merger. Triumph X is unique in the way that it offers to heat up your fingers whenever they are cold. Heating is placed above the mouse making it easily accessible to turn on or off without even removing your hand from the mouse. Esport professionals suffer from cold hands and fingers more often than one would believe and thus making it a huge problem affecting their gameplay negatively. Alcantara material - which is incredibly delightful to touch and grip - is placed above the heating to make it even more enjoyable to game with the Triumph X. The grip you get when holding a Triumph X thanks to the Alcantara material is unmatched.

Besides being a gaming mouse with optional heat, we've reduced and eliminated common problems such misclicking your mouse buttons or where the mechanical switches would double-click themselves due to poor technology or design. 

Everyone also knows that size matters, it really does. That's why the Triumph X has been iterated into a beautiful small shape with a distinctive hump which fits perfectly in most hands while also being ultralight in weight. 

It's all about ultimate performance and design for us, we don't care about RGB.

Included with the Triumph X esport package will be a small travel bag for those who would like to keep their Triumph X neatly packed, safe and secure whenever they travel to tournaments or training camps. The feeling of being a real professional.

Our plan is to crowdfund the Triumph X with the help of a Kickstarter campaign, estimated to launch in the beginning of September 2020. By signing up today, gamers secure the sweetest deals of huge discounts on Kickstarter which will be in limited quantities when we launch. 

After the Kickstarter campaign, we aim to have a global presence in retail stores both online and in brick-and-mortars. Our recommended retail price after the campaign will be around 150 USD for the esport package of Triumph X along with it's travel bag.

We at FRÖNB are engaging with press and media continuously where we are looking to build long-term relationships. Are you interested in covering our story, or reviewing the Triumph X? Send an email today.

If you are a reviewer on YouTube or other social communities, please provide info about your channel(s) when you get in touch with us.

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